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My teaching protocol for my group derives from my own personal experience in learning wreath design. I take my students through my journey; only in your journey you have a guide. I began knowing nothing other than I wanted to create, be an artist, and stand out from all the rest.



Class begins on Saturday, January 13, 2024. Class time: 12:00 pm Eastern Time.

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Included in your membership

 The structure of this class consists of 2 live teaching classes per month.(0n average   each class runs 1 ½ to 2 hours).  Each class builds from the next. This is not a wreath of the month club, so please make sure that you open your mind to new things.  This is a group of like-minded individuals who want to grow and discover being individuals in their art. Not copycats.

  1. Free Entry to our subscription group Buying Seasons. Buying Seasons is our product group. I go live a couple of times a month to share the entire new product, along with demonstrations on how I would use it. All the lives in Buying Seasons are separate from our teaching group.
  2. Access to the Wet Nose and Bows collection provided by Love That Ribbon. We are so fortunate to have access to the best quality product and amazing customer service provided by our friends Therese Nolfi and Pam Washburn, owners of Love that Ribbon. Our collection is offered exclusively to our Wet Nose and Bows Desire to inspire 2024 students and Buying Seasons members only. The product is very carefully curated by Pam and myself. Love That Ribbon also provides all the kits that are offered throughout the year.
  3. In addition to the lives, included are all the open classes we offer throughout the year, excluding Bows for Heroes. I will be doing a Spring Master class, and a Christmas master class, all of which are included in your memberships.
  4. All Wet Nose and Bows students have first access to all products that become available in our collection.
  5. This will be the second year that we have combined both our new students and our seasoned students who have been through our program. This has been very beneficial in having more experienced designers offering their experience and insights into all our work. It has been instrumental in creating an amazing, diverse group of artists; sharing all facets of design, and imagination.
  6. Supply lists are provided for projects throughout the year.            
  7. Kits are available several times throughout the year.
  8. After each class, I encourage my students to play with products, discover their own style, and post in the feed to share. I come in and share my ideas and suggestions on your pieces.
  9. Live classes are offered on Saturdays at 12:00 Eastern time. Please note, there might be times when rescheduling is necessary. If this happens you will be advised ahead of time. Replays are always available.

 I will be in the feed throughout the week to offer help and suggestions as you post your work.

Signing up for this class is your agreement to all the terms applied to this teaching group below.

Welcome and thank you for your interest in my teaching program. We are very excited to be launching another teaching class.  I am looking forward to another successful group, and meeting and working with all of you.

Let me walk you through my program. I have never been a follower. I create my own thing without the boundaries of what others are doing, or trends. When you learn to recognize your own visions and harness those things that surround you to create, the journey takes on a life of its own. This is what I want to share.  Our natural world provides endless visual aids to explore, English Gardens, Snowy Forests, Spring Meadows, and of course, Fairy Gardens, are all entries into your imagination. Within this course not only will you be learning techniques, but more importantly a new creative world in Wreath Design.

Anyone interested in Wreath and Floral design is welcome to take this class. Whether you are new to Wreath design or have years of experience, this course welcomes all levels. Developing and honing your skills and your creativity will bring you more confidence in your designs and your business.

Although this course is for all levels, I need to make sure you understand the structure to make sure it’s a good fit for you.

If you have been in the wreath community you know that there are a lot of online classes, videos, tutorials, and lives. There is a bountiful world of learning to make wreaths all over the internet, and many very gifted and talented instructors. However, my course takes a very different approach from most. My course begins like baking, we start from scratch and work our way through all four seasons. January and February are spent discovering supplies. You have to know your product, and you have to love your product. This part can often be overwhelming, especially for our new students. But I go over it with you step by step. March through May is spring. Images of English gardens, soft pastels, and beautiful ribbons make this season the perfect learning canvas. By June and July, we are into brighter florals, watermelons, and bumble bees. August we are into Fall and heading into Christmas. You will learn that as a designer you always need to create ahead of every season, especially Fall and Christmas.

This course is a journey. We start in January and go through 12 months. Now, you are not obligated to the full 12 months, but the course is geared and structured into a twelve-month program.

 Prior to signing up, it is important to read the information below to MAKE CERTAIN this is the right teaching group for you. Upon registering you have a clear understanding and agree to all the terms and conditions.

The structure of this class consists of two one-hour lives per month. Times and length can vary. Also included in your subscription is a membership to Buying Seasons. This group includes product information, purchasing, and suppliers. This group is a lot of fun and a combination of all students from beginner to advanced.  Each class builds from the next. This is not a wreath of the month club. This is a group of like-minded individuals who want to grow and discover being individuals in their art. Not copycats.

Supplies and materials are covered extensively in the beginning. Where I buy, what I buy, and how much I buy, cover the first couple of months of our class. I have a lot of staples in all four seasons that will be presented in the class as we move through seasons. Please note, that you will not always be provided with a supply list of everything I make in class. 

At the point time when we progress, you will be challenged to create from your own stock. If during the class you ask me where I got a product, I am more than happy to share. But please do not expect every wreath I create to come with a supply list. But again, the first few classes are spent on the product so once we get through that you will have a good foundation of your own product to build from.

 I will be in the feed throughout the week to offer help and suggestions as you post your work.

 This course is to present you with a journey of discovery. A place to discover what inspires you, a place to learn to trust your abilities and think outside the box. With that being said, you must be able to be open-minded and have a clear picture of this course so that you’re able to manage your own personal expectations according to the class curriculum. In other words, you need to learn to walk before running. You need to learn to make a single bow before you make a big Christmas bow. All techniques are covered extensively in my group. It is covered in succession how the class runs. It is not run to accommodate those who are in a rush. It is run to accommodate those who are interested in taking the same path I took myself. That path took time, so keep that in mind prior to signing up.

 The cost: $47.00 per month

This is a monthly subscription. Once you sign up through Pay pal your card will be charged EVERY MONTH, UNLESS YOU CANCEL IT.  All previous lives will be available to you as long as you are a member.  Please know that once you cancel your subscription you will no longer have access to any of the videos or the group.


The purpose of this group is to teach and inspire like-minded students who share the same passion for the Art of Wreath Design. This group is not intended to recreate or copy any and all designs created by Ellen Carey. Unless given full permission at the beginning of the tutorial, it is up to the student to pursue, and create from the tools and techniques learned,

Be kind and courteous. Rudeness and drama will not be tolerated. Be respectful of others in the group. Bullying and insulting will get you banned from the group without prior warning or refund.

Be civil. Profanity is not tolerated.

Please be respectful of others’ work. Constructive criticism only if asked by the designer.

No buying or selling in this group. You can share places where you buy materials. However, promoting other/any businesses is not allowed unless permission in writing is given by an admin.

 No videos or uploading of videos are allowed in the group unless given permission in writing by the admin.

 It is important that you share value with the group.  In other words, as people post their work in the group if you have nothing nice or constructive to say, don’t say it.

This group is here to learn, not be subjected to having their images devalued. This will get you banned with no warning or refund.

 Do not share FB posts or other group information within this group without admin permission.

 No advertising or soliciting in any format.

 What is shared in this group needs to stay in this group. Please respect everyone’s privacy.

 No political, racial, religious, or sexual comments or degradation will be tolerated. It will get you banned with no warning or refund.


Class begins on Saturday, January 13, 2024, and every two weeks afterward. Unless out-of-control situations occur that we can’t remedy.

Class time: 12:00 pm Eastern Time.

The credit charge will show Greater Coastal Canine Academy, our dog training business. Once you sign up, If your PayPal name is different from your Facebook name, we need to know the difference or you will not be let in. Use the Get in Touch message below. The price is $47 per month and on reoccurring monthly payments.

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