Wet Nose and Bows Presents to you,  Desire to Inspire 2022

        Welcome and thank you for your interest in my next teaching program.

Learn many aspects

We are very excited to be launching our next teaching class.  I am looking forward to another successful group and meeting and
working with all of you.

Starting from scratch, or seasoned?

     My teaching protocol for my group derives from my own personal experience in learning wreath design. I take my students through my journey only in your journey,
with me, you have a guide. 

I will skhow you from start to finish

I began years ago knowing nothing other than I wanted to create, be an artist, and stand out from all the rest.

Signing up for this class is your agreement to all the terms applied to this teaching group.

The registration Date is December 26, 2022. Class begins: Saturday, December 15, 2022

Class time: 12:00pm Eastern Time. Twice a month

This course is for all levels of experience

This course is a journey. We start in January and go through 12months.
Now, you are not obligated to the full 12 months, but the course is geared and structured into a twelve month program.


Learn Beautiful Centerpiece

Learn to put it together with reason

We’ll spend a lot of time on Bows

Desire To Inspire 2022,
here’s the deal…

Let me walk you through my program. I have never been a follower. I create my own thing without the boundaries of what others are doing, or trends. When you learn to recognize your own visions and harness those things that surround you to create, the journey takes on a life of its own. This is what I want to share.  Our natural world provides endless visual aids to explore, English Gardens, Snowy Forests, Spring Meadows, and of course Fairy Gardens, are all entries into your imagination. Within this course not only will you be learning techniques, but more importantly a new creative world in Wreath Design.

Although this course is for all levels, I need to make sure you understand the structure to make sure it’s a good fit for you.

If you have been in the wreath community you know that there are a lot of online classes, videos, tutorials, and lives. There is a bountiful world of learning to make wreaths all over the internet, and many very gifted and talented instructors. However, my course takes a very different approach to most. My course begins like baking, we start from scratch and work our way through all four seasons. January and February are spent discovering supplies. You have to know your product, and you have to love your product. This part can often be overwhelming especially for our new students. But I go over it with you step by step. March through May is spring. Images of English gardens, soft pastels, and beautiful ribbons make this season the perfect learning canvas. By June and July we are into brighter florals, watermelons and bumble bees. August we are into Fall and heading into Christmas. You will learn that as a designer you always need to create ahead of every season, especially Fall and Christmas.

 Anyone interested in Wreath and Floral design is welcome to take this class. Whether you are new to Wreath design, or have years of experience, this course welcomes all levels. Developing and honing your skill and your creativity will bring you more confidence in your designs and your business.


inspire yourself!

be inspired

Rules and Agreements

 Once you pay for the event, you will go to the group and request an invite. However, all rules and regulations must be followed during your visit inside the group. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO READ PRIOR TO SUBMITTING PAYMENT!

Be respectful, kind, and courteous. If you cannot be, this is not the event for you. Rudeness and drama will not be tolerated. Be respectful of others in the group. Bullying and insulting will get you banned from the group without prior warning or refund.

 Be civil. Profanity is not tolerated.

 Please be respectful of other’s work. Constructive criticism only if asked by the designer.

 No buying or selling in this group.

 No self-promoting is allowed in this event. Trying to sell yourself, or a product or goods will get you banned from the event with no refund.

 No videos or uploading of videos are allowed in the group unless given permission by the admin.

 It is important that you share value with the group.  In other words, as people post their work in the group prior to the event,  if you have nothing nice or constructive to say, don’t say it. Everyone in the group is here to learn, not be subjected to having their images devalued. This will get you banned with no warning or refund.

 Do not share FB posts or other group information within this group without admin permission.

 No advertising or soliciting in any format.

 NO REFUNDS WILL BE OFFERED. Please be aware, that if you pay to join the event and cannot receive a bundle, we are not able to refund your money.

 Once you submit payment for the event you are agreeing to all the terms and agreements as they apply to this event.

Once signed up, you will go into FaceBook and ask to join, Let’s Celebrate Falls group. “Lets Celebrate Fall”. From there, there will be a link to Greenery Market where you can buy the bundle/s that Ellen will be using in her tutorial.

Access to this will be available for at least 12 months. 

VERY IMPORTANT! Once you pay through PayPal, a lot of times people’s names are different than their FaceBook names. I need to know if there is a difference. You will need to either email Kyle at kcarey145@aol.com or message at 2525991929

Beautiful Fall Centerpiece Bundle from Greenery market

Rich and warm colors of autumn

Majestic Fall centerpiece Bundle From Greenery Market

What Students Are Saying

I love your teaching method!! You always stress for us to use our creativity and look beyond what is in front of us. Your way allows us to learn and grow but be individual and i love that!  Your a rare breed and so thankful for your constant inspiration!!!!🥰

My time in your teaching group has been invaluable. I am still a beginner, but my ability to incorporate my natural world into my wreaths has been such a great feeling. I am enjoying my time with you and now in my own world now creating with vision. Your a great teacher. Thank you so very much!!!!

This is where 

VERY IMPORTANT! Once you pay through PayPal, a lot of times people’s names are different than their FaceBook names. We need to know if there is a difference. You will need to either email Kyle at kcarey145@aol.com or message only at 2525991929 and reference any difference if any. The cost for this tutorial/Live with Ellen is $47.00

Once you pay and on your receipt, it will say Greater Coastal Canine Academy. This is our Dog Training facility and what we use for our credit card uses. Thank you.